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We Get Your Car Seat Struggle

BMBC was founded by a New Hampshire mom of three who wanted the best in car seat safety for her kids but struggled to take the coat off every single time.

The idea came from a simple insight: Baby + Winter Coat + Car Seat = Problem

The problem was simple.

If you strap your child into a car seat with a winter coat on, there’s too much fabric between the child’s body, shoulders, and the safety harness. The excess fabric compresses in an accident leaving too much slack for the harness to hold the child in the seat properly. Due to this danger the American Academy of Pediatrics and the NHTSA both issued the No Puffy Coats in the Car Seat rule.

The solution turned out to be simple too.

Frustrated with taking the coat off all the time, Dahlia, BMBC’s founder thought why does the zipper have to be in the middle anyway and so Buckle Me Baby Coats came to be.

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign and a Patent, BMBC is in production and will be shipping in September 2017, right in time to help parents out for the coming winter season.

 Raising Kids Is Tough

Kids outgrow everything so fast from diapers to tiny shoes, from stylish slings to exersaucers – and that can be expensive. Buckle Me Baby understands parents’ budgets, so we’ve created a high quality coat that eliminates the need for an extra gear like fleece jackets or tangled blankets for the car. We will also be launching a Buy, Sell, Trade platform on our Facebook page for parents to come together as a community and trade up as kids grow. Life with kids is complicated – Buckle Me Baby Coats is here to make things as easy as possible for parents![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]