We Get Your Car Seat Struggle

BMBC was founded by a New Hampshire mom of three who wanted the best in car seat safety for her kids but struggled with taking the coat off Every. Single Time.

The problem is simple.

If you strap your child into a car seat with a winter coat on, there’s too much fabric between the child’s body, shoulders, and the safety harness. The excess fabric compresses in an accident leaving too much slack for the harness to hold the child in the seat properly. Due to this danger the American Academy of Pediatrics and the NHTSA both issued the “No Puffy Coats in the Car Seat” rule.

The solution turned out to be simple too.

Ten years ago, Dahlia, BMBC’s founder, thought “Why does the zipper have to be in the middle anyway?” Eureka! With that thought she began cutting up old coats to see how her new idea would work. By creating a side opening its possible to not only remove the bulky fabric in the front but also possible remove the shoulder padding too – allowing the harness to sit directly on the chest and shoulder. We’ve also designed it so the padding in the back is thinner so the coat can be used with a no coat harness setting.

While juggling 2 children and attending graduate school, Dahlia began approaching major coat manufacturers to bring the coat into the hands of parents. The head honchos all thought it was an interesting concept but didn’t feel that coats and car seats had a problem with one another. They weren’t the ones struggling with blankets, ponchos, and chilly days! The internet had not yet exploded yet (it’s hard to even remember what that was like) and Dahlia had to set aside her idea and focus on family and studies but the idea was never far from her mind.

As her children grew and the internet expanded Dahlia realized that internet marketing made it possible for her to reach real parents directly without a middleman. She put together a patent and started extensively crash testing the coat to make sure that it works. She also had it evaluated by CPSTs who loved it! After passing all tests with flying colors Dahlia ran a Kickstarter campaign to secure the initial funding for manufacturing. Committed to helping the local economy, Dahlia searched for almost a year before finding the perfect manufacturing partner right in our backyard (almost) 40 minutes south of New Hampshire in Everett, Massachusetts. Buckle Me Baby Coats are made with love right here in the US and have undergone stringent testing to ensure that all kids can enjoy both winter warmth and car seat safety.

Dahlia, BMBC’s founder enjoys life in New Hampshire with her 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog. Together they love escape rooms, puzzles, theater, and card games. In her spare time she makes coats.

Questions? Drop us a line anytime – [email protected]


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