For Parents: Are Car Seat Covers Safe?

For Parents: Are Car Seat Covers Safe?

For Parents: Are Car Seat Covers Safe?

When putting little loves in the car their safety is of the utmost importance. 

As parents, their safety is our #1 job - and to do our job we need to know about all of the products out there that help us do our job better. 

Looking back and seeing them snug and warm in their car seat is so sweet with their cute little sleeping faces but instead of packing out their car seats with a pile of blankets (which is unsafe) parents have two solutions for keeping children warm in their carseat during the cold winter months #1 the Buckle Me Baby Coat (we’ll talk more about this later) and #2 a car seat cover. 

But are car seat covers safe? 

Yes, car seat covers are not only safe they are also important because they provide children with a ton of added benefits in addition to the warmth they provide. In this article we’ll talk about all of the benefits.

Why are infant car seat covers important? 

As parents we have to select a good car seat and learn how to use it the right way. These are just two of our responsibilities as parents while driving our kids around. You might want to make sure that the car seat passes the test of a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) because that’s how you’ll know it’s installed the right way. 

After a CPST says you’re good to go you might want to think about an infant car seat cover. Don’t underestimate the importance of one of these. 

#1 They take away the need for bulky winter jackets

Puffy winter coats are terrible for car seats - we can’t stress that enough, we even made a coat based on that fact (but more on that later). The harness can’t fit properly when a jacket is too bulky and that can lead to child danger. Car seat covers are toasty warm and they don’t get in the way of safety belts. 

#2 It’s a way to protect from the weather 

If you’re driving and look back and see that your child is under a pile of blankets, that’s not the way to go. We want to keep our little loves warm but at the same time it has to be safe for them and they need enough air to be able to breath properly. When babies are in their car seats they need something that will keep them warm and not cover their face or be too bulky. A car seat cover is the perfect solution! 

#3 They protect babies from germs 

If your little one is so cute that perfect strangers on the street want to come up to them and pinch their cheeks and say hello, these seat covers are going to be perfect for you. Nobody wants a stranger to come up and breath on their child - but it does happen. An infant car seat can shield your little sweetheart from germs in the outside world. No more sneezing on your baby!

#4 They help babies sleep 

The term “sleeping like a baby” is there for a reason. Some children can fall asleep with Bon Jovi on blast in the background, but it’s a better situation for them to get their sleep with less noise, dimmed light, and a comfy blanket. An infant car seat cover insulates children and allows them to have a good warm nap in the car - and out of the car too. 

If infant car seat covers are used the right way they can provide your little love with warmth, security, privacy, and a shield from sun and wind. But when they get older these covers won’t work for them anymore. Can you imagine putting your three year old in a car seat cover? Their little legs would be bunched up like a can of sardines! That won’t work. What you need is the Buckle Me Baby Coat. 

Introducing the Buckle Me Baby Coat 

As promised, here is the Buckle Me Baby Coat - a coat made for use with your child’s car seat. In fact, this coat makes car seats more comfortable and easier to use. It works by harnessing your child directly in - no tricky maneuvering required. Simply put your child’s jacket on. Harness them into their seat, and you’re good to go. It's that easy. 

Plus, these coats are a safer alternative to big, puffy winter coats - because big, puffy jackets were NEVER meant to be used in your child’s car seat. Puffy jackets make the child uncomfortable, which leads to driver distraction. We think this is the most important feature of the Buckle Me Baby Coat, and to drive that point home, we think you should know that the coat has been crash tested and was designed to be safer than traditional winter coats. That means your child is safer in a Buckle Me Baby Coat than they’d be in a regular coat. 

These coats have a chunky rib knit collar, magnetic removable hood, and thick (but not bulky) sherpa lining with a fleece back that will leave your child feeling cozy and warm no matter the weather. And they’re cute, too! The Buckle Me Baby Coat comes in a variety of adorable colors. 

Why choose Buckle Me Baby Coat?

There are so many reasons to order a Buckle Me Baby Coat for your child this winter. They’re a safer alternative to bulky winter coats. At the same time, they’re warm and cozy. They come in a variety of trendy colors and styles. The hood is removable. The coat is machine washable. Plus, we have a 30 day “Worry Free” exchange policy - so there’s never a need to worry about your purchase. But, let’s be clear, these coats are selling like hot cakes, and have been ever since they made their way into the market - get your hands on one before your size, style and color sell out!