How We Check Car Seat Fit in the Airplane Before Booking a Flight ✈️ 💺

How We Check Car Seat Fit in the Airplane Before Booking a Flight ✈️ 💺

How We Check Car Seat Fit in the Airplane Before Booking a Flight ✈️ 💺

When booking a flight, we check to see the type of aircraft that carrier will use for each leg of the trip.


Next we go to the aircraft, seat maps, specs, section on their website.

We locate the type of aircraft noted in the booking window, pick our class of service, and look at the seat width. Delta even offers the "child seat fit guide" to make things simple. We know our car seat is 16.9 inches wide so our seat will fit.


Step By Step Guide:

Checking Car Seat Fit Before Booking Your Next Trip


With so many different brands, models, and variations of carseats we all know that the measurements can vary quite a bit. However, planes are much the same! Different airlines, plane models, and seat sizes can greatly differ and it may take some time to find out if your carseat will fit!

Just because your carseat fit well on your last flight- doesn’t mean it will this time! So here’s what you can do to be prepared BEFORE arriving at the airport.

  1. When booking your flight, check to see what type of aircraft that specific flight is on. Don’t forget to check each leg of your trip as the planes may change sizes/capacity!
  2. When looking at the booking window, locate the type of aircraft, and look up that type on their aircraft website section. From there choose your class of service, and then look at seat specifications.
  3. Some airlines (ie Delta) offer a “child seat fit guide” to make things simpler while looking at the specs.
  4. Check out the sticker on your carseat- it will most likely have the measurements which you can compare with the sizes listed on the website!

Check out this super helpful screengrab of the steps I’ve listed here in this video!

As always ensure your seat is FAA approved and certified. Most stickers will say if the seat is approved for motor vehicles as well as aircrafts and may look like the picture below.


For more tips on flying with children and the rules and regulations surrounding it check out the FAA’s official website here.