4 Reasons Podcasts are the Perfect Screen-Free Entertainment for Kids

4 Reasons Podcasts are the Perfect Screen-Free Entertainment for Kids

4 Reasons Podcasts are the Perfect Screen-Free Entertainment for Kids

Did you know there’s a hands-off, screen-free, entertainment idea you might be overlooking?

Between virtual school and just needing to rely on screens more now to keep the kids entertained and get through the day so we can work or keep our sanity, it’s nice to have a screen-free alternative. 

Screen fatigue is real. And so many kids are experiencing it. 

Yes, we all know it’s important to give our kids a break from screens when we can - but the reality is when you’re in survival mode, anything goes.

If you want some screen-free alternatives, podcasts are a great choice.

Here are 4 reasons podcasts are the perfect screen-free entertainment for kids.

4 Reasons Podcasts are the Perfect Screen-Free Entertainment for Kids

1. They’re budget-friendly.

Many podcasts can be listened to for FREE. 

Yes, that’s right - free.

Whatever your favorite podcasting platform, do a quick search for kids or family podcasts and you will find that there are probably more than you’d expect.

Check out the reviews, preview the ones you’re interested in, and make sure to bookmark the keepers.

2. They’re accessible from any smart device.

Another reason podcasts are such a versatile entertainment option is that they’re available from any smart device. 

This means you can hook your phone up to the Bluetooth in your car and listen while running errands. 

Or, you can play them on a speaker at home while your kids are coloring, playing with blocks, eating lunch, and even doing chores. 

Podcasts can also be enjoyed from laptops or tablets with headphones during your child’s quiet time (aka downtime for mom!).

The fact that they’re easily accessible at home and on the go makes them a go-to option for many families.

3. They’re a new and novel activity for quiet time.

If you, like so many, have kids home more often right now you know that an afternoon quiet time is a sanity-saver for everyone.

Podcasts are awesome because you can turn one on, give your kid a bucket of legos, and enjoy that afternoon cup of joe in peace.

4. There’s something for everyone.

Here’s the best part.

No matter your child’s age or interest, there’s a podcast out there for them.

There are storytime podcasts, STEM podcasts, podcasts for history buffs - and everything in between.

Whether your child is a toddler, preschooler, big kid, or teen, there’s guaranteed to be a podcast to pique their interest. 

Take your time, explore, and check out a few of our favorites below to get you started.

A Few Favorite Podcasts to Get You Started

In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite podcasts to get your wheels turning.

  • Wow in the World - Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas take kids along on an adventure where they bring to life the latest in science and technology and make it easily digestible for even the youngest listeners.
  • Brains On - Another podcast for STEM-lovin’ kiddos, Brains On is an interactive show exploring fascinating scientific facts. Hosted by Molly Bloom, and co-hosted by a different kid each week, Brains On really does turn brains on. 
  • Storynory - Beautifully narrated children’s stories from all over the world are featured each week on Storynory. These are perfect for winding down at bedtime. 
  • Smash Boom Best - Smash Boom Best is a debate show for kids, by kids - produced by the makers of Brains On. According to their site, “debaters use facts and passion to make their case -- teaching listeners how to defend their own opinions along the way.”
  • Circle Round - Produced by moms and dads, Circle Round takes folk tales from around the world and retells them in engaging, musical episodes just ten to twenty minutes each - the perfect length for little ones. Every show ends with a prompt for deeper conversation between parent and child. Plus, there are learning resources on the Circle Round website to expand on each episode.
  • The Past and the Curious - Meant to spark conversation, The Past and the Curious explores the history of things. Families can listen together to each engaging episode.
Purple Rocket Podcast - Purple Rocket Podcast was created by a dad with a heart for storytelling. Through these exciting audio adventures for kids, he’s been able to find an outlet for his creativity while sharing his gift with the world.