Ouch – That Hurt!! The Real Deal On Toys In Car Seats!

Does the idea of getting in the car for Long Periods of Time with the kids bring a pit of dread in your stomach? You are not alone…. Let’s face it, kids can be hard to keep entertained, especially in the car but you can’t avoid car trips entirely. You have to live...

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What Is The Top Tether And Are You Using It?

If you are like every other parent out there, you celebrate when you can finally switch from rear facing to forward facing. The downside? With the move there is a reduction in safety (more on this in an upcoming post) and another complicated car seat install. We’ve...

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Car Seats Outside The Car: The Inside Scoop

  Every parent knows car seats are an essential piece of hitting the road with the kids but what about all of the other places your kids are “in motion” - planes, trains, and, taxicabs are all tricky. You might sigh with relief with one less thing to worry about or...

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Car Seats & Summer Driving

Think Summer is the Safest Driving Season? Think Again. Winter can be dangerous for drivers. Think about it - icy roads, wind, snowy conditions and, of course, the days are shorter and the nights much longer. This cold weather pile-on can make driving a challenge for...

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Six Common Car Seat Mistakes To Avoid

There are plenty of exciting things about having a baby - think endless snuggles, impossibly tiny outfits and leisurely stroller walks. But car seats? Those don’t typically make the “most exciting” cut. Car seats are an inevitability of parenthood. You’re spending...

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Everything You Need To Know About The Harness

The Harness That slippery grey thing between your child's chest and safety in the event of a car accident. It's so easy to use when brand new but what stays new when you have little ones? Too soon its gummy, covered in goldfish dust, and who knows what else (just...

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Are Puffy Coats Really Unsafe In The Car Seat?

I Pull The Harness Really, Really Tight! The short answer is - yes - winter coats are dangerous in the car seat. I know - I know - it seems like there's a lot of hype around puffy coat dangers especially when viral videos show children being thrown from car seats with...

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Buckle Me Baby Coats: The Journey

I wanted to do everything right for my kids - I chose the healthiest foods, the safest products, teachable activities - I wanted what every parent wants and I thought I had it all down until I saw this alarming warning: I tried to heed the warnings - really I did, but...

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