Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Blankie

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Better than a blanket - and with sleeves!!

Regular blankets fall on the floor in a mucky mess and get tangled up or kicked off!

Buckle Me Baby Blankies have sleeves that keep their cozy blankie on your little one with a dropped neckline so its not too close to their face and neck.

Your little one will ride safely buckled and snuggly warm in our Car Seat Blankies™ without all the hassle of taking off regular coats or struggling with slippery blankets!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amy Leinbach
I’ve now given these as gifts…TWICE.

Got one for my daughter. She loved it so much that I bought for two other littles in our lives. They love their blankies just as much. None of us even live in a very cold climate. But it’s a little chilly in the car in the morning and it really helps then. Also, I like my air conditioner to be pretty cold and my daughter gets chilly. This way we we’re both comfortable. She LOVES that she can use her arms while still being cozy!

Ashley Olarte & Kaden Holmgren
Love this blanket for my lil one

It's super soft and I wish there was more options but this is cute though! I bought this for my little 5 month old, although it's a bit big on him that's okay because he will grow into it. I love this product!

B Martinson
Car seat blankie

Love it! Works great in the cold weather and doesn't fall off on the floor like a blanket does. Fits big which is good, so it will last awhile as she grows. Washes great! So soft and fuzzy, even after washing!

Bonnie H. Inver
Are these blankets safe?

I thought they were great! When I gave one to my daughter for her one year old, she said in case of emergency, the child shouldn’t be covered and that it is wasn’t safe. I know that there are guidelines for car seat safety, I would like to know if these blankets adhere to those guidelines.

Helen Mattace
Soft Blankie

The Car seat blankie is so soft & warm just perfect for my grandchildren.