Car Seat Safety Coats

with Secure Me Strips® makes keeping coats on and getting the same harness fit as no coat fast and easy.

Traditional puffy coats compress in crashes creating slack under the car seat harness - even when unzipped - leaving your child at risk of brain, neck and spine injury.

Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed by a mom who gets it.

Easier for you. Safest for your child.


See the Buckle Me Baby Coats Difference

Watch our crash test to learn:

  1. How a Buckle Me Baby Coat compares to a regular coat
  2. How a Buckle Me Baby Coat compares to no coat.

CPSTs Are Saying

"This is an easy way to keep your little ones warm without the worry of a coat being too puffy for the care seat. It's such a time saver!"
"Buckle Me Baby Coast are a safe option that can stay on in the car."

"I have them for each of my kids"
"Its hard to see in video but the back is thin - there's no compression whatsoever. Honestly this coat is pretty cool!"
"The Buckle Me Baby Coat is awesome- it's completely safe and fine."