An average of 48 children die from heat stroke in parked cars yearly. While we all hear the news about parents forgetting the baby in the backseat most deaths involve kids between 2 – 6 years old who gain access to the car and become trapped. Here are two easy ways you can help prevent them being dangerously trapped in a car.

# 1 Teach Them Cars Are Not Toys

Allowing a child to play in a car just once may have dangerous consequences. They will feel safe and secure and want to “do it themselves.” Instead show them how to activate the emergency trunk release and to honk the horn if they are locked in a car accidentally. Pro-Tip: Always keep your car locked and your keys out of reach.

# 2 Check the Car (and the Pool)

If your child goes missing check your car immediately. The temperature inside a car can rise 35 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Time is critical. Pro-Tip: If you notice a child alone in a vehicle, call 911 immediately.

by Julie Dietrich, CPST-I (Child Passenger Safety Technician – Instructor) New Hampshire SafeKids Worldwide

Julie began as a volunteer CPST in 2007 and is now the New Hampshire statewide program coordinator. In her role, Julie overseas a staff of 240 volunteers. Julie also manages the safe transportation of children through education at 11 NH hospitals and 65 Police and Fire Departments. In addition to using National Curriculums she also uses her background in Pediatric Critical Care and car of Special Needs Populations, to develop Child Passenger Safety educational programs for Nurses, DCYF, Child Care centers and the general public tailoring learning to each group’s specific needs.

New Hampshire’s Child Passenger Safety and Instructor team continues to promote the heat stroke message with every car seat installation.  Recently SafeKids NH added 12 new technicians to aid in educational outreach efforts. If you would like more information on what prevention materials are available or a list of upcoming car seat events and classes please email:

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