Are Puffy Coats Really Unsafe In The Car Seat?

Are Puffy Coats Really Unsafe In The Car Seat?

I Pull The Harness Really, Really Tight!

The short answer is – yes – winter coats are dangerous in the car seat.

I know – I know – it seems like there’s a lot of hype around puffy coat dangers especially when viral videos show children being thrown from car seats with obviously improperly tightened/loose straps leaving you thinking well if the straps were just tighter…..

The Unvarnished Real Deal

It is impossible to tighten the straps correctly with a winter coat on.

In a car crash the coat not only compresses creating space between your child and the harness but the force of the crash can stretch the harness up to 7%! Even if your child is not thrown entirely from the car seat all the stretching and the space left from compression will pitch your child too far forward. Studies show that as the distance forward increases the risk of critical injury also increases. In fact as little as 6 millimeters of forward movement can be the difference between walking away from a crash and sustaining critical injuries.

The Safest Solution

Tight harnesses directly on the chest and shoulders with a properly secured top tether decreases forward movement which dramatically reduces risk of critical injury and death. Which means – in short – take the puffy coats off parents. The risk in a crash is just not worth skipping a step.

Pressed for time or don’t want to deal with the struggle?

Use a Buckle Me Baby Coat – which is crash tested and designed for easy winter car seat safety, use a blanket, or use a light fleece jacket.

Parents who have discovered Buckle Me Baby Coats say:

“This purchase was a no-brainer…this is the smartest, safest, best purchase I made for my son.” Danielle P. Nebraska

“The struggle is finally over!” Kelse B Montana

“Solved the biggest complaint I have in the winter months!” April M

“Wonderful option to the battle of the winter car seat. I have made ponchos for my granddaughter but this is a really great way to keep the safe and warm!” Christina B

“So nice to be able to leave coats on in the frigid Michigan weather. Kids love them too!” Tearsa S Michigan

What are you supposed to do in winter then?

You want your child to be warm but you also want them to be safely buckled. Taking the coat off and putting it on again and again and again is such a struggle! Blankets or polar fleece doesn’t keep them warm enough either.

With car seat safety coats you can keep your little love warm and safer in and out of the car seat.

No Puffy Coats In Car Seats

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Buckle Me Baby Coats: The Journey

Buckle Me Baby Coats: The Journey

I wanted to do everything right for my kids – I chose the healthiest foods, the safest products, teachable activities – I wanted what every parent wants and I thought I had it all down until I saw this alarming warning:

I tried to heed the warnings – really I did, but my kid had a degree in Car Seat Acrobatics – arched back, kicking, contortions – taking her winter coat off every time we got in the car seat was impossible.

The struggle was real.

One day while struggling I thought – why does the zipper have to be in the middle anyway – and an idea was born.

I took an existing winter coat – cut it up – and the Car Seat War was over for me. I wanted to help other parents end their Car Seat War too. I called coat manufacturers and told them about my idea. Every coat company and had the same answer – Coats are just coats. Car seat safety and coats don’t go together  as a product.

They didn’t understand.

They said NO.

I couldn’t manufacture it myself at the time and no one would manufacture it for me so I went back to raising my kids, running a household and a business, finishing my master’s and life moved on.


I would see moms struggling to take the coat off or put the coat on. I would see moms struggling with blankets.  I would see moms leave the coat on and tell me they felt bad doing it.

I would see the headlines – a child ejected from car seat and my heart would break.

I knew I had to do it myself – my coat solution is so easy.


Crowdfunding is a way for regular people to present their Really Cool Ideas as projects to other regular people who help bring the Really Cool Ideas to market by funding their projects through pre-ordering. It’s a win-win situation for inventors and buyers. Buyers get Really Cool Stuff long before it hits the market and Inventors have a cost effective way to get their stuff to market.

Kickstarter, one way of crowdfunding, is an All or Nothing way to raise funds.

If the idea is not fully funded the money is refunded to all backers and the project creators have to come up with some other way to get their products into the hands of consumers. 65% of projects fail to get funded.

Buckle Me Baby Coats ran a Kickstarter Campaign in February that was successfully funded!

We are now working with manufacturers to get the coats out to our backers by September!

There’s still time to order your coat for September through our Shop page.

One Less Struggle = Happy Parents


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