Can't I do that with a regular coat?

It might seem like a Buckle Me Baby Coat works the same as a regular coat but they are really very different.
When you unzip a traditional coat the puffiness of the coat has to go somewhere - usually behind the chest and shoulders. The real test shows at home when you strap your little one into the car seat and adjust the harness with no coat on then take them out without loosening the straps and try to put them in with a regular jacket - it will be way too tight and impossible to get them in without loosening the straps.
Buckle Me Baby Coats are thinner in the back than in the front and open along the side and shoulder seams. Pulling the front panel aside allows the harness to sit directly on the chest and shoulders so that you can use our coats at the same exact harness setting as no coat without any adjustments!
See the difference between a puffy coat and a Buckle Me Baby Coat in our crash test results here: