(I Pull The Harness Really, Really Tight!)

The short answer is yes winter coats are unsafe in the car seat.

It can seem hard to see through all the hype especially when popular videos use scare tactics by showing children thrown from car seats with loose straps that are obviously improperly tightened.

In fairness, the intent behind that video is good – to spread information about winter coats and car seat safety but in some ways it can cause parents to believe that if the child was thrown with loose straps then tightening the straps correctly will solve the problem.

Which it won’t

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It is impossible to tighten the straps correctly with a winter coat on.

In a car crash the coat will not only compress creating room between your child and the harness but the force of the crash can stretch the harness up to 7%! Even if your child is not thrown entirely from the car seat all that room will throw your child forward. Studies have shown that as the distance forward increases the risk of critical injury also increases. Tight harnesses directly on the chest and a properly secured top tether reduces the forward movement dramatically which also reduces the risk of critical injury.

What’s a parent to do in winter then?

You want your child to be warm but you also want them to be safe. Taking the coat off and putting it on again and again and again is not appealing. Struggling with blankets or polar fleece doesn’t keep them warm enough.

With car seat safety coats you can keep your little love warm and safer in and out of the car seat.

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Car Seat Safety Coats

Buckle Me Baby Advantages:

Crash Tested

Easy To Use

No Puffy Fabric On The Chest Or Shoulders

Thinner In The Back

Side Openings Are Cool

No Puffy Coats In Car Seats

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