Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe?  What You Need to Know

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe? What You Need to Know

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe? What You Need to Know

If you've been considering a weighted sleep sack for your little one, you're not alone. Weighted blankets have become popular for adults so it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way to babyland – because who wouldn’t want something that might help their baby sleep better? That said, when it comes to any baby gear, safety comes first.  So, let's dive into the big question: are weighted sleep sacks safe for your baby? 

Understanding Weighted Sleep Sacks

Weighted sleep sacks are designed to provide gentle pressure on your baby's body, mimicking the feeling of being held or swaddled. This pressure is believed to help calm and soothe babies, potentially promoting better sleep. While the concept sounds promising, it's essential to consider safety guidelines before introducing any new sleep product to your baby's routine.

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    What Experts are Saying:

    While these benefits may sound tempting, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has firmly cautioned against the use of weighted sleep sacks or any use of weight in a baby’s sleep environment.  They warn that these products can pose potentially life-threatening risks to infants as they could make it harder for babies to arouse themselves in response to hazards such as a lack of oxygen, increasing their risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  The AAP statement asserts that “the evidence available at this time does not indicate that weighted swaddle products are safe, nor does it demonstrate that they are effective in helping babies sleep longer or with fewer disruptions.” 

    Since the AAP issued this statement, the Center for Disease Disease Control and Prevention as well as the National Institute of Health also cautioned parents against the use of weighted blankets and sleep sacks.  Some argue that this stance is overly conservative and without basis as there have not been any reported incidents attributed to weighted sleep sacks.  Nonetheless, we recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to your littles. 

    Alternatives to Weighted Sleep Sacks

    It is possible to help your baby sleep well through the night without the use of a weighted sleep sack (really!).  From creating a safe, comfortable sleep environment to choosing other cozy sleepwear, you can set your babe up for slumber success without the added risk. 

    1. Safety First: always put your baby to sleep in a firm flat bassinet or crib that is free from loose bedding or toys. This is the safest environment for baby’s first year.
    2. Make the Room Just Right: from the right temperature to the lighting, check out our tips on creating the perfect environment for your baby to catch some zzz’s.
    3. Get the Right Sleepwear: there are many popular non-weighted sleep sacks on the market that help keep babies warm without the risks that loose blankets pose. For more  versatility, check out our Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Sleep Sack.  It has all the benefits of a traditional sleep sack but is uniquely designed to allow you to safely buckle your baby in a car seat.  So they’re already ready for the crib when they doze off on the ride home.  Check out our blog for more advice on what babies should wear under their sleep sack

    Car Seat Sleep Sack for Infants

    Here's to safe, snug, and sound sleep for you and your baby!