Our Story

Raising three kids in New Hampshire, Dahlia Rizk experienced the struggle that so many parents face in the colder months.

Bundling kids up for the cold, only to have to take their coats off in the car because experts say it's not safe for kids to wear a coat in the car seat.

It was a daily hassle and her kids weren't exactly thrilled either.

Dahlia believed that car safety for kids shouldn't be a struggle and set out to create a solution.

The Buckle Me Baby Coat was born in 2016 and has made cold weather outings easier and safer for thousands of families.

Since then, Dahlia has been
innovating new solutions that make everyday life with your kids a little bit easier.

Our Journey

November 2016 The first Buckle Me Baby Coats drawing
August 2017 Crash Tested & CPST Approved
December 2020 SHARK TANK! Season 12, Episode 7
September 2022 Introducing Car Seat Blankies
November 2016 Introducing Everywhere Sacks

Re-imagining Kids Coats

"If the coat opened along the side and shoulder seams the harnesses would sit directly against the chest and shoulders safely."

Easy and Fast

The Secure Me Strips® leaves a path for the harness to sit directly on the shoulders - the fast and easy way.

Car Seat Safety & Testing

Why Car Seat Safety is So Important to ChildrenGrowing bodies are different than an adult in a crash. Childrens’ heads are bigger and heavier in proportion to their body/ Their neck muscle are weaker and their spines are made of soft, stretchy cartilage (that hardens with age). These three factors means that too much forward motion (loose harnesses) in a crash leads to greater likelihood of head, neck and spine injury
The Problem with Traditional Coats in a Car SeatSpinal injury in children can happen with just 5mm (think 1/5 of a quarter) of forward movement in a crash. Traditional coats create slack under seat harnesses, allowing for roughly 10cm of forward movement in a crash. Buckle Me Baby Coats eliminate slack allowing you to buckle your child at the same settings as no coat at all.
Our TestingChild Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) found that Buckle Me Baby Coats work at the same harness settings as no coat. Our crash test shows a significant reduction in forward movement compared to traditional puffy coats. Watch the test footage below.

See the Buckle Me Baby Coats Difference

Watch our crash test below to learn:

1. How a Buckle Me Baby Coat compares to a regular coat

2. How a Buckle Me Baby Coat compares to no coat.

CPSTs Are Saying

"This is an easy way to keep your little ones warm without the worry of a coat being too puffy for the care seat. It's such a time saver!"
"Buckle Me Baby Coats are a safe option that can stay on in the car."

"I have them for each of my kids"
"Its hard to see in video but the back is thin - there's no compression whatsoever. Honestly this coat is pretty cool!"
"The Buckle Me Baby Coat is awesome- it's completely safe and fine."

Awards & Certifications

In The Press

"Mom's invention solves age-old dilemma of kids wearing coats in car seats."
"Thank me later when you have one less things to stress about"
"Unless you're using a Buckle Me Baby Coat, don't put your kid in the car seat with a puffy coat on."
"Solved the problem of kids wearing coats in car seats once and for all."
"Genius invention for toddlers finally solves the car seat and coat dilemma."
"Mom's genius toddle coat invention is helping parents everywhere to overcomes the puffy coat onstacle with ease."