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I Get Your Car Seat Struggle

I am a mom of three who's too tired to wrestle my kids winter coats off in the car seat One. More. Time.

But here's the thing....

I don’t like ponchos

I don’t want to drag blankets through slush

I don’t want my kids to be cold.

One day, feeling overwhelmed by the No Coat Rule, I thought if the zipper wasn’t in the middle… and I realized I had a super simple - easy idea!!

I applied for a patent and did the next obvious thing - I spoke with every coat manufacturer imaginable. I thought they would jump on the idea but they didn’t believe that coats and car seats had anything to do with one another. They weren’t in the trenches though – I was – and I knew other parents were too.

I'd see kids wrapped in a blankets dragging through slush (ew) with defeated tired parents and I knew I had to get this solution out there!

One day I posted to Facebook and my post went viral - people loved them. Today I've grown in a few short years from shipping out of my kitchen to shipping all over the world from a local Massachusetts warehouse.

My 3 kids, 2 cats, dog and I live in New Hampshire where winter is long and cold and people are super friendly.

Outside of Buckle Me Baby Coats I'm also a mental health counselor – running a mental health private practice with a dear friend where I treat adults with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When I'm not working on coats or bugging my kids - I'm enjoying escape rooms, Netflix binge watching, theater, long books, and scrabble.

About The Coats

The coats are crash tested and Child Passenger Safety Tech approved.

Fun Fact: They can be used at the same harness setting as no coat at all! They are widely evaluated (and loved) by CPSTs, first responders, and EMTs too but my biggest experts are the kids who love not having coats forced off and on them all the time and parents who love having one less thing to worry about! It's been pretty amazing!

Crash Test Video