Checking Your Car Seat at the Airport: Good or Bad Idea?

Checking Your Car Seat at the Airport: Good or Bad Idea?

Checking Your Car Seat at the Airport: Good or Bad Idea?

Have you wondered if you should check your car seat as baggage but worried it will get damaged in cargo?

        Let’s be honest, the idea of dragging a car seat through the airport to a flight doesn’t sound like fun. They are heavy, awkward, and between the kids, diaper bags and carry-ons can seem like a scary idea. But checking it in could lead to it being mishandled and getting damaged.

How do you prevent your car seat from getting knocked around, dropped, or LOST? (I mean, have you seen the way those guys toss suitcases around?)

The quick answer is: we don't recommend checking your car seat. The likelihood of damage is very high regardless of how you package it not to mention in most airline fine print, they aren't responsible for damage!

Your best options for traveling with little ones is to bring the car seat with you on the plan. Bringing your car seat:

1) Gives your little one a safe way to sit in the plane that they are already familiar with. When they're strapped into the car seat they can't climb all over and under the seats, run up and down the aisles, and kick the chair in front of them (BONUS they might even get some sleep.)

2) Ensures you have a safe way to travel by car at your destination.

Bottom line?

Traveling with a car seat can be tricky. Renting one at your destination can also be dangerous as well when you have no way of knowing its safety record or history. If you check your seat you can't know for sure that the car seat wasn’t internally damaged in the cargo hold of a plane even if it appears fine.

Bringing your car seat onboard makes flying with your little one easier even if lugging it through the airport is hard and makes sure you know your car seat travelled undamaged to where you are going.

Adventure safely!!

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