Find Your 2021 Toastiest Measurement

Buckle Me Baby Coats are durable water resistant and designed to be perfect for harsh, snowy Northern States and Canada.

Parents say:

"This is a must have for the cold and snowy North!! We absolutely love that our daughter can wear this for several winters. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this coat. Not bulky at all, easy to use, keeps baby warm, looks adorable, is so so soft, folds for ease of wear and use, even has magnets for the hood and collar!"

- Tammy K. 11/02/2020

Buckle Me Baby Coats does not provide temperature ratings as in general they are a bit of a marketing gimmick - most good companies like Patagonia don't either. 


As a one Mama startup Buckle Me Baby Coats makes a promise to parents that's true - this coat is crash tested and designed to be safer than traditional coats and can also be used with the same harness setting as no coat at all without adjustments. We don't want to mix promises that are true with marketing terms that are debatable. 


Toasty is our original design while Toastier and Toastiest provide more coverage for the neck and head against harsh, whipping winds.  Any would work wonderfully in keeping your little love will be cozy and safely dressed for the car seat without the struggle of taking coats off at every stop!
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