We’ve all been there…

It’s cold outside (and inside your car). You take your child’s puffy winter coat off, pull the car seat straps on, then proceed to layer-and-tuck piles of blankets, quilts and makeshift wraps, before the crying and shrieks of I’m cold!” begins.

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Sound familiar?

It’s not an ideal system. Not only does it involve constantly taking off and putting back on your child’s coat every time you get into or out of the car, but it hinges on the hope that your little one will hang tight underneath pile of blankets for the entire ride.

Let’s be real for a minute — unless your child is sound asleep for the car ride, how likely is that?

It’s hard enough to keep socks on in the car or stroller, now you’re crossing your fingers that they’re going to stay put under a mountain of blankets around them? Chances are that’s not going to happen – and chances are you’ll spend a good chunk of the ride peeking back and attempting to keep them covered.

Not so safe either, is it?

But it’s not just the annoyance. Under certain conditions even blankets can pose a serious safety risk. While no parent wants to think about the what ifs, opting out of a coat and for those piles of blankets could be a huge problem. National Weather Service meteorologist Tanja Fransen warns families that if an accident strands you far from help, those blankets won’t do much good.

“If you roll your car,” Fransen said, “the cellphone is gone and its a stroke of luck if it’s within reach when you’re hanging upside down.” That “blanket or (backwards) coat that’s meant to keep a child warm while driving,” writes The Washington Post, “isn’t going to do much good after the car has rolled” or if temperatures drop below freezing.

Tanya cites numerous cases in and around her home turf — rural Montana — where drivers were stranded for hours and, even, days, with temperatures dropping and blankets being out of reach or, simply, ineffective. It’s scary, but it’s a reality for many families run off the road in out of the way places.

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The solution? Ditch the blankets – and the puffy coats. Buckle Me Baby Coats go on in the house, then stay on in the car – easy. Simply pop your child into their car seat and secure the harness. Because there are no added layers from puffy winter coats, your child will be completely secured, warmer, and safer. Bonus – leave the panel closed after buckling to hide the buckles, and your little escape artist won’t be able to wriggle free either.

car seat safety coats, car seat coats, car seat winter coats

Buckle Me Baby Coats are the simple, seamless solution, keeping your child safer, warmer and completely free from that file of never-ending “car blankets” battle. Check out our complete collection of car seat friendly coats HERE, and get your order in now. We’re shipping our first orders out in September and, as the coolest coats to hit the car seat, quantities are limited.

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