Car Seat Friendly Coats

Winter coats that go on at home & stay on safely (and easily) in the car seat

How To Use a Buckle Me Baby Coat

Buckle Me Baby Coats are designed for easy car seat safety and winter warmth.

1. Put the coat on at home

2. Put your little one in the car seat

3. Pull the front panel aside

4. Buckle them up

5. Roll the panel aside or lay it flat over the harness

The back of the coat is thinner than the front. The thinner back and the side opening allows parents to use the coat at the same harness setting as if your little one has no coat on at all!

I went back and forth then bought one. One week later we were in a car accident. I was assured that my 9 month old was as safe as he could be. No one ever expects to be in an accident, but it happens.

Julie B.

We love these coats and tell everyone we know to get them. As a family of Emergency Medical Technicians and Firefighters nothing is more important to us than safety!

Diana A.

Safety in the car seat is legit everything.

This makes life easier!

Tasha K

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