Buckle Me Baby Coats

so much more than an ordinary winter coat!

BMBC came from the simple insight:

Baby + Winter Coat + Car Seat = Problem

buckle me baby car seat safety coats

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the NHTSA both recommend No Puffy Coats in the Car Seat because, with a winter coat on, there’s too much fabric between the child’s body, shoulders and safety harness for the harness to do its job in a crash..

During a crash all that bunched up fabric compresses creating slack which can throw your child too far forward or out of the car seat increasing their risk of injury.

But what parent can easily take their kid’s coat off Every Single Time?

This problem led BMBC’s founder, Dahlia Rizk, a NH mom of 3 to design, patent, and crash test these easy, innovative coats. which are currently in production and on schedule to ship out September 2017, in time for the coming winter season.

buckle me baby car seat safety coats

How It Works

warm, safer car seat use made easy!


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