Frequently Asked Questions

Are Buckle Me Baby Coats compatible with car seats?

We crash tested our coats at an independent crash test facility where they not only outperformed traditional puffy coats but also tested similarly to no coat at all! We also had the coats evaluated by CPSTs who loved the design giving them two thumbs up! Interested in seeing our crash test footage in action? Click here:

How does the coat work? Is there any fabric between my child and the harness?

The front panel of the coat opens at the side and shoulder seams leaving the shoulders and chest area bare allowing the harness to lie flat and snug against the chest and shoulder. Check it out:

What about the back of the coat - is that puffy too?

The back of the fabric is thinner than the front leaving no excess fabric to create slack in the harness. In fact, you can adjust the harness with no coat on – put the coat back on and use the car seat with the coat without readjusting the harness again. Take a look:

What if there is a car accident, the car is on fire, or submerged in water. Will the coat delay getting my child out?

We have had the coat evaluated by first responders who did not feel the coat would slow rescue efforts should the worst happen. In the event of an emergency the car seat is cut out of the car with the child still strapped in to keep them stable. However, the coat does not slow down the process – check out how long it takes to get out of the car seat with our coat on (Spoiler Alert: 10 seconds):

Has Buckle Me Baby Coats been evaluated by CPSTs?

We collaborated with local CPSTs who physically examined the coat and found it to be a safer option to the puffy winter coat and similar to no coat.

Won't my child be too hot in this coat?

The panel can be rolled to the side to keep little ones from overheating in the car. If your child usually wears a coat or blanket in the car they will find the BMB Coat comfortable too.

This works for the winter but what about the summer?

We’re working on a summer solution – stay tuned!

I have another question not covered here...

Please email us at we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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