Parents Are Saying

"We are kind of obsessed 😉 it really is the perfect winter coat!"

Steph T.

"We were hit by a semi truck. With his Buckle Me Baby Coat - my son walked away from this horrible crash and kept him warm while we waited for first responders."

Ashley S.

"So Warm. So Cozy. So easy to get my 3 littles into the car seat safely. Wish I found them sooner!"

Christine M.

"I always felt so bad taking my son out into the crazy cold or snow with him in a fleece jacket or blanket. This way he's set as soon as I unbuckle him! Also, hes 4.5yo and wears a size 7 shirt but the size 4 jacket fits him with room to spare."

Heather O.

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Why You Need A Car Seat Coat

Traditional coats creates slack under car seat harnesses, leaving children at risk of brain, neck and spine injury in a crash.

Our coats go on at home and stay on safely in the car seat at the same harness setting as no coat.

CPSTs Are Saying

"This is an easy way to keep your little ones warm without the worry of a coat being too puffy for the car seat. It's such a time saver!"
"Buckle Me Baby Coats are a safe option that can stay on in the car."

"I have them for each of my kids"
"Its hard to see in video but the back is thin - there's no compression whatsoever. Honestly this coat is pretty cool!"
"The Buckle Me Baby Coat is awesome- it's completely safe and fine."

Coats For Everywhere You Need To Be

All coats are wind and water resistant and crash-tested for car seat safety.