Best Infant Car Seats of 2022

Best Infant Car Seats of 2022

Best Infant Car Seats of 2022

When picking out an infant car seat you want it to last. Your little love needs to be comfortable in their seat because they’ll be in it almost everyday for the life of the car seat. 

Can you imagine sitting on an uncomfortable sofa everyday? Maybe one that’s made of brick? Probably not. 

The reason car seat comfort is so important to get from the beginning is that your child will only sit in a few of them during their lives. You’ll only transition into three different types of seats #1 an infant car seat #2 a convertible car seat and #3 a booster seat. 

For us parents the anxiety about car seat buying arises because you keep the same seat for long periods of time. 

It doesn’t change like shoes that their little feet grow out of faster than you can blink an eye. Sure, children grow like weeds but their car seats will be there during different stages of development. 

You want to make sure the seat you buy is meeting your child’s needs but finding a good car seat is hard. There are so many car seats out there. 

But take a breath! 

We don’t need anymore anxiety! We have so much else to think about like making sure our children are growing and enjoying life. 

Looking up car seats on the internet you’ll find companies claiming to have the best car seat - but are they really the best car seat? 

That’s why we made a list of the Best Car Seats on the Market in 2021. 

You might have questions, like: 

  • What is an infant car seat? 
  • What is a convertible car seat?
  • What is a booster seat? 
  • What should you look for in a car seat? 

At the end we’ll show you the Buckle Me Baby Coat. It’s a safer alternative to puffy winter jackets - which were never meant to be worn in a car seat. But more on that later. 

What’s an infant car seat?

Infant car seats are made for babies and infants. Just keep in mind that your child should remain rear facing for as long as possible. Even though the law tells you that you can switch your child around to front facing at two years old, it’s still the safest to keep them rear facing. The infant car seat is the seat they stay in from the day you bring them from the hospital to the day they reach the height and weight limit on the manufacturer’s instruction manual. It will be from birth to between 22 and 35 pounds. 

These seats attach to a base. It’s so much more convenient for parents that it has a base because it stays in your car. You can take the seat in and out to run errands but the base stays in the car. For most babies these seats get to be too small by the time they’re 1 years old. 

What is a convertible car seat? 

These seats grow with your child from rear-facing to forward-facing when the time is ready. 

What is a booster seat? 

These seats are made for school age children, four years old and up. They have to be at least 40 pounds when you move up to the next type of seat. 

What should you look for in a car seat?

Spending less money doesn’t always mean that you’re going to get a bad seat for your money. On the other hand, buying the most expensive seat doesn’t mean anything either. What’s important is that your child is comfortable. Have you ever bought a top notch toy? The type that comes with all of the bells and whistles? Only to find out later that your child prefers playing with the cardboard box it came in? This is a supreme example of the idea that spending money doesn’t always mean you’ll wind up with a product your child enjoys.

The same goes for car seats. It’s all about what you need out of the seat. There’s nothing worse as a parent than looking back at your child and seeing that they have a frown on their little face! 

When a car seat gets sold in the US it needs to meet federal safety standards by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. All of the states have their own guidelines and mandates too. It’s now a law in most states that children under two years old have to ride in a rear-facing seat. Here is what New York State says about car seat safety. 

Now, onto our picks for the Best Car Seats of 2021. 

Safest Car Seat

Clek Fllo

cleck filo

The Clek Fllo is a convertible car seat that is very long lasting. You can use it for up to 50 pounds rear facing and for forward facing up to 65  pounds  This car seat uses Crytpon fabric, which is the same as the fabric used in the Foonf car seat - the fabric is very high quality and seemingly indestructible. This car seat gets our vote as the safest car seat of the year. 

Best Seat for a Small Car

Cybex Aton 2 Sensorsafe

Cybex Aton 2

If you have a small car this one is for you because it’s 25 inches long and nine pounds. Cybex Aton 2 Sensorsafe is about an inch shorter than the other infant car seats. The safety features can’t be beat! Like a sensor that lets parents know the ambient temperature. It is located within the carrier’s chest clip and can send messages to the parent’s phone. The sensor is also important because it reminds parents that the child is in the car. The seat also features extenders that provide linear side impact protection, reducing collision force by 25%. 

Best Seat for Families on-the-go

Doona Infant Car Seat And Latch Base

Doona Infant Car Seat

If you’re a family on the go this one is yours because it’s all-in-one. There’s no separate, bulky stroller base. It’s also the best car seat for urban families. As a combination stroller/infant car seat, the Doona is ready to be a stroller when the retractable wheels are deployed. The biggest drawback of this seat is its weight: at 16.5 pounds the Doona literally dwarfs its competition.

Most User-Friendly 

Britax B-Safe Gen2

Britax B-Safe Gen 2

This seat was designed with usability as one of its top features. With compact, easy-to-use parts in a bright red color, this seat is fashionable and fun. There’s also another safety feature on the Britax website, which makes this seat especially attractive. The safety feature is called “SafeCell Technology '' and it uses a crumple zone that absorbs energy from any would-be crashes. 

Best 3-Across 

Clek Car Seat 

Clek Car Seat

Clek car seats are built the way cars are: with crash management systems and metal substructures. These car seats implement European standards, including anti-rebound features and rigid-UAS systems. Although the seat is more expensive than the average seat it is better quality and was built with advanced safety features. 

Introducing the Buckle Me Baby Coat 

As promised, here is the Buckle Me Baby Coat - a coat made for use with your child’s car seat. In fact, this coat makes car seats more comfortable and easier to use. It works by harnessing your child directly in - no tricky maneuvering required. Simply put your child’s jacket on. Harness them into their seat, and you’re good to go. It's that easy. 

Plus, these coats are a safer alternative to big, puffy winter coats - because big, puffy jackets were NEVER meant to be used in your child’s car seat. Puffy jackets make the child uncomfortable, which leads to driver distraction. We think this is the most important feature of the Buckle Me Baby Coat, and to drive that point home, we think you should know that the coat has been crash tested and was designed to be safer than traditional winter coats. That means your child is safer in a Buckle Me Baby Coat than they’d be in a regular coat. 

These coats have a chunky rib knit collar, magnetic removable hood, and thick (but not bulky) sherpa lining with a fleece back that will leave your child feeling cozy and warm no matter the weather. And they’re cute, too! The Buckle Me Baby Coat comes in a variety of adorable colors. 

Why choose Buckle Me Baby Coat?

There are so many reasons to order a Buckle Me Baby Coat for your child this winter. They’re a safer alternative to bulky winter coats. At the same time, they’re warm and cozy. They come in a variety of trendy colors and styles. The hood is removable. The coat is machine washable. Plus, we have a 30 day “Worry Free” exchange policy - so there’s never a need to worry about your purchase. But, let’s be clear, these coats are selling like hot cakes, and have been ever since they made their way into the market - get your hands on one before your size, style and color sell out!