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Buckle Me Baby Coat vs. CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with hoods

Buckle Me Baby Coat vs. CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with hoods

Of your favorite childhood memories, how many of them took place while wearing a jacket? 

Bundling yard leaves with dad? Building snowmen with your next-door neighbor? Sledding with your cousin? 

We’d bet that many of your most cherished moments happened while in the polyester embrace of a favorite winter coat. And just like recalling our childhood memories, decades later, the jacket we choose for our children will feature in the collection of memories and feelings that make up their childhood.

But that’s the thing about memories. Twenty years later, we don’t remember what the jacket looked like, or how in-fashion it was at the time, but we do remember how it made us feel. Warm. Cozy. Comfortable. Loved. What more do we want our children to remember from their childhood? 

Now, onto the task of finding your child’s perfect  jacket. 

In this article we’re going to compare two jackets for you: The CECORC Winter Coat for Kids and the Buckle Me Baby Coat. We hope this article helps you on your quest to find a winter jacket and that by the end of reading this article you’ll have a better grasp on which jacket meets your child’s needs better. 

First up is the CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with hoods, which is a puffer-style jacket with a hood.

The CECORC is a hooded, padded, puffer jacket. It’s made for boys or girls and comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, the coat features cute little ears that make children look like they’re tiny, little bears.

We love the idea that this coat makes kids look like little bears. How cute?! How cuddly?! But, what we really want to know is: “how long is my child going to wear this coat before a meltdown ensues?”

As parents, we’ve all been there: the winter jacket meltdown. And when it occurs from a car seat, it’s even worse because there’s nothing we can do to help our kids when we’re in the middle of driving. 

Now, let’s compare that with the Buckle Me Baby Coat, which is made for your child’s car seat.

 The Buckle Me Baby Coat was created as a safer alternative to big, puffy winter jackets. 

These coats are made for kids from 6-months to 10-years, and have a chunky rib knit collar, magnetic removable hood, and thick, not bulky, sherpa lining with a fleece back that will leave your child feeling cozy and warm no matter the weather. 

The Buckle Me Baby Coat comes in a bunch of colors and our limited edition coats have a cute inner lining featuring forest animals, milk and cookies or spaceships. 

What sets the Buckle Me Baby Coat apart from other jackets? Our safety features are what make the product really special. Car seat experts don’t ever recommend the use of bulky winter coats. Why? Because puffy winter coats make your child fidget and feel uncomfortable, which can lead to driver distraction. The Buckle Me Baby Coat is crash tested and was designed as a safer alternative to traditional winter jackets. Our coat is comfortable for your child and eliminates the fidgetiness that comes with heavy coat-wearing. 

Pros & Cons

In this next section we’ll look at the Pros & Cons of the CECORC Winter Coat for Kids with hood. We’ve bulleted this section so it makes the most sense, and allows you to sort through the information the absolute easiest way possible. In the end, we hope this comparison helps you get a better idea of which jacket will best suit your needs. 


  • Warm puffer style 
  • Cute design to make kids look like bears


  • Not made for use in car seats 
  • Too thick and bulky 
  • Not a big assortment of colors or styles
  • No 30 day ‘Worry Free’ exchange policy 
  • No removable hood

Now we’ll look at the Pros & Cons of the Buckle Me Baby Coat.


  • Made for children from 6-months to 10-years
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Limited edition versions available 
  • Wind and water resistant 
  • Machine washable 
  • Magnetic removable hood
  • 30 day ‘Worry Free’ exchange policy 
  • Cozy and warm
  • Created for safer use in a car seat


  • They’re selling like hot cakes - make sure you get your hands on one now

And the Winner is...

When we stack the Buckle Me Baby Coat against the CECORC jacket for kids, there is one clear winner - and that’s the Buckle Me Baby Coat. 

Why choose the Buckle Me Baby Coat?

There are a ton of reasons to choose the Buckle Me Baby Coat. Let’s talk about the most important one: the Buckle Me Baby Coat is crash tested and designed to be safer than a traditional winter coat. That means your child is safer in a Buckle Me Baby Coat than they’d be in a regular coat, providing hassle-free comfort for you and your child.