Car Seat Safe Toys: What To Look For and What To Avoid!

Car Seat Safe Toys: What To Look For and What To Avoid!

Car Seat Safe Toys: What To Look For and What To Avoid!

Keeping kids entertained on the road can be hard, but it shouldn’t be dangerous! Let’s talk about car seat safe toys.

What To Look For: Toys that are soft and lightweight. 
Why: Anything unsecured in a moving car can become a projectile in a crash. Avoid giving kids toys that would hurt them if thrown at their head.

What To Avoid: Activity centers, lap tables, hard or heavy toys. 
Why: Activity centers put projectiles near a child’s face and can affect how the car seat performs in a crash. Hard or heavy toys can become projectiles and cause additional injuries in a crash.

Pro Tips: Don’t attach anything to, or dangle anything from, an infant car seat handle! It’s not allowed by manufacturers and puts a possible projectile near your baby’s face. Clip a pacifier to your child's clothes instead of the car seat or harness.

What toys ARE safer for kids to have in the car? Let’s look at some options!

For infants: crinkle blankets, a favorite soft lovey, pacifier, or silicone teether can help them self-soothe and play during a long car ride.

For toddlers: silicone pop-its, a favorite stuffed animal, lightweight/cloth picture books or magazines, o-balls, buckle toys, and felt busy boards can help keep them busy.

For big kids: magazines/puzzle books, “mess free” coloring books, water wow books, squigz, reusable sticker books, and wiki stix. Let them unleash their creativity while you drive in peace!

Guest Post written by Britney Schroeder, CPST from Buckle & Latch (@buckleandlatch)