Let's Talk About Infant Car Seat Covers

Let's Talk About Infant Car Seat Covers

Let's Talk About Infant Car Seat Covers

Babies use infant car seats in all kinds of weather and we want to protect them from the elements! Let’s look at what car seat covers are and why certain styles are safer than others. 

What Are Car Seat Covers?

Car seat covers are designed to go over top of an infant car seat to keep wind, rain, snow, and sun off of your baby. They are made of all different kinds of materials and come in different styles. 

Car Seat Covers In The Heat

Avoid: Covering your child’s car seat with a car seat cover (even a cotton one!) on a hot summer day. This can cause your baby to overheat rather than keep them cool.

Instead: Use the built-in sunshade on your infant seat to keep the sun off your baby’s face while still allowing air to circulate in the car seat.

Car Seat Covers In The Cold

Avoid: Bunting-style car seat covers that go into the car seat itself, between the child and their harness. The extra material in these types of cold weather car seat covers can cause slack in the harness and affect how it performs in a crash.

Instead: Use “shower cap” style car seat covers that only go over the top of the infant car seat shell and can be easily removed when you get into the car. 

Pro Tip: Don’t over bundle your child! Once the car heats up, they may be too warm if they are wearing multiple layers of clothing AND a car seat cover. Make sure your car seat cover is easily removable to prevent overheating.

Guest Post written by Britney Schroeder, CPST from Buckle & Latch (@buckleandlatch)