Need To Clean Your Car Seat?

Need To Clean Your Car Seat?

Need To Clean Your Car Seat?

Do you have a child who gets car sick and holiday travel coming up? Does the thought of taking your car seat apart to clean it afterwards fill you with dread? Have no fear - here are four tips to make it easier!

Read Your Manual: Most car seat manuals have a section that tells you how to disassemble/reassemble your car seat and how to clean the car seat correctly to make sure it keeps working appropriately. Take note of whether it’s spot clean, hand wash, hang to dry, or machine wash/dry!

Watch A Tutorial: Some manufacturers have their own tutorial videos (on their website, linked with a QR code in the manual, or on youtube) that show how to take off the car seat cover(s) to wash them and how to put them back on.

Make Your Own Video: Film yourself (or have someone else film you) as you remove the car seat cover! The video can help you remember how everything goes back together once it’s clean, dry, and ready to reassemble.

Call The Manufacturer: Can’t figure out how to get the car seat back together? Lose a part? Call the manufacturer! Their customer service team can help you get the car seat cover back on, order a missing part, or help you replace a cover that has been damaged or no longer fits. 


Traveling over the holidays with a car sick kid is stressful enough - don’t let cleaning your car seat add extra stress! Follow these tips to make cleaning your car seat less intimidating. 


Guest Post written by Britney Schroeder, CPST from Buckle & Latch (@buckleandlatch)