What Coats Can a Baby Wear in the Car Seat?

What Coats Can a Baby Wear in the Car Seat?

What Coats Can a Baby Wear in the Car Seat?

Did you know there are many baby coats that are NOT suitable for car seats?

We know that keeping your infant safe in the car is your number 1 priority and in the fall/winter months, keeping them warm comes in at a close second! 

Taking your baby’s coat off and on each time you put them in the car seat may be the safer solution but it’s definitely not convenient!

This is where Buckle Me Baby coats come in!


Child wearing Buckle Me Baby Coat while getting buckled into car seat

 We have designed a coat that is warm, cozy, and thick without being bulky. We’ve also included specific features that keep your baby warm and most importantly safe in their carseat. 

Our coats are:

- Crash Tested and CPST Approved (which many coats are not!)

- Wind + Water Resistant to keep your little one safe from the weather!

- Chunky Rib Knit Collar to keep them nice and warm!

- Magnetic Removable Hood so you can keep their head warm (or easily remove!)

- Thick, sherpa lining with fleece backing (warm and cozy no matter the weather!)

- Come in a variety of colors so you’ll never get their coat lost with all the rest!

The front panel of the coat opens at the side and shoulder seams leaving the shoulders and chest area bare allowing the harness to lie flat and snug against the chest and shoulder. This is why Buckle Me Baby coats outperforms traditional bulky coats for safety and comfort in the car. 

And simply put is one of the few coats your baby CAN wear in a car seat!

Check out all our varieties here and see the difference for yourself!