Playground Slide Danger

🚨Summer Slide WARNING🚨
TW: Child Injury

Did you know that riding down the slide with your little one on your lap is extremely dangerous?

I didn't until I saw a little one break their leg at the park one day. It was shocking and heartbreaking.

I really believe there should be posted signs but since there isnt Im sharing with you now so this doesnt happen to you. Please pass the word along to other moms to save them a trip to the hospital and check out a few stories moms have shared with me this week about their little ones below.


➡️Age most injured on slide
     12-24 months old

➡️ Part most injured on slide
      Lower leg (fractures)

➡️ Common method of injury
      Sitting on parents lap


Parent puts child on lap to slide down

Child is wearing sneakers

Sneaker grips side of slide

Leg gets trapped between adult + slide and twists



✅ Let child slide alone

✅ Remove sneakers if you must slide together

✅ Make sure arms and legs stay away from edges if you must slide together



"This happened to my son as well when he was 20 months old. The told me at the ER that your kid should never sit on your lap on a slide. I had no idea." Zeina

"We went through this at 15 months old and it was incredibly hard. The grieving and guilt are so real." Jennifer

"Wish I knew this before it happened to my son at 18 months and had a leg cast for a month. Never going down a slide again in anyones lap. Wish this was shared more than it is." Kelli



Yesterdays video is full of comments from moms sharing how this happened to them. This is such a common danger there should be warning signs on the slides.

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Did you know slides can be dangerous? I didnt know until i saw this happen at a local park. Share with a parent who needs to know and save them a trip to the hospital.

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