Starry Nights Jams Big Kids

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💗240 gsm of cloud soft breathable bamboo jammies for your little one 

💗 The coziest seagull jammies for your little one

💗 Hypoallergenic, antifungal, eco-friendly for your little one

Jammies Size Chart

pajama size chart
💗240 gsm of cloud soft breathable bamboo jammies for your little one 

💗 The coziest seagull jammies for your little one

💗 Hypoallergenic, antifungal, eco-friendly for your little one


I read Buckle Me Baby Jams grow in the arm and leg cuffs but what about their torso?

Buckle Me Baby Jams are 95% bamboo and 5% spandex for super stretchiness that lasts.

Why are Buckle Me Baby Jams less expensive than other bamboo brands?

My main product is Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Coats which helps keep the cost (and price) of the jams down.

Wait aren't those the coats that were on Shark Tank??

Yes! Shark Tank was so much fun! The coats were featured on Season 12 Episode 7.

Why are you making pajamas?

Reason 1: I pick out prints for the Toastiest line every Spring and its so hard to narrow down the ones I like best so I decided to make jams too!

Reason 2: Running a seasonal business is hard (many seasonal businesses can't stay open) selling jams helps me keep the business alive, keeping car seat coats on the market and keeping kids safely buckled.

Customer Reviews

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Steph Tavee
So incredibly soft!

Such a cute design, so soft, and so stretchy! My little fits them great now but definitely lots of room to grow so they will fit through multiple sizes for sure. They have extra length in the sleeves, body, and legs for growing littles.

Janelle Dietz
Best pajamas

I purchased these for my grandson and they are the best pajamas ever!

sandra carlucci

Loved the PJ’s

Taylor B
I am sad I didn’t know about this brand sooner

Do not sleep on these jams so that your kids can hurry up and sleep in them! They are buttery soft and so adorable! That quality is 10/10 and the customer service is 5 start!

Not impressed.

I ordered 3 sets of jammies for my son. No, I didn't comb through the size chart and look up statistics to see if the sizing was reasonable because, frankly, it is expected.

These pajamas are HUGE! The size chart listed online claims the 24 month pajamas (meaning fits UP TO a 24 month old) is 34 inches extended.

STATISTICS: The average 24 month old boy has a head to toe length of 34.25 inches, and this increases to 37 inches for a boy in the 98th percentile. (Info from CDC). The average child grows between 2-3 inches from 24 months to 36 months (John Hopkins Medicine).

** I used baby boys for the info because they are larger to give "buckle me" an advantage here.
Clearly these clothes are sized inappropriately or made for Sasquatch babies. The extended length of the 24 month outfits would allow for the average baby boy to have a combined head and neck length of a quarter of an inch in order to fit correctly at 24 months.
One of the three garments I received even had a warning tag on it that the clothing should fit snuggly. That's funny!

I wrote an email asking if I could exchange for a smaller size and voiced my concerns over the inappropriate and unpredictable size chart. I was told she "can't be doing this all the time" so I would have to pay for return shipping. First, this statement implied to me that she is aware her sizing needs to be adjusted and should take ownership for not delivering reasonable expectations to her clients. Secondly, in my opinion, the exchange should have been free. I didn't decide I "just didn't like" the outfits. They are sized for a different species of mammal and I thought this site sold clothing for human children.

Not the biggest deal because they were on sale and the prints are cute, but the material is also thin and reminds me more of nylon than bamboo. I have tried multiple brands and this one just feels different. It's soft, but different. I am not saying it's definitely nylon, I'm saying it's weird bamboo.