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Color - Toasty Blue
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  • Material: Polyester (100%)
  • Seasonality: Fall/Winter
  • Condition: Good
  • Gender: Boys

  • Material: Polyester (100%)
  • Seasonality: Fall/Winter
  • Condition: Good
  • Gender: Boys

CPSTs are Saying

"This is an easy way to keep your little ones warm without the worry of a coat being too puffy for the care seat. It's such a time saver!"
"Buckle Me Baby Coast are a safe option that can stay on in the car."

"I have them for each of my kids"
"Its hard to see in video but the back is thin - there's no compression whatsoever. Honestly this coat is pretty cool!"
"The Buckle Me Baby Coat is awesome- it's completely safe and fine."

Customer Reviews

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Love it! Perfect for those in between weather days.


Love the coat! The hood is too small and does not fit over my son’s thick hair. Also, be mindful of the velcro around the neck, it easily grabs hold of my son’s coils. Overall, a nice warm coat that runs big so you can use it for at least 2 years.


Love it! It works like it’s supposed to.

Paige Sterritt
Neve buying again

Waste of money. Takes too long to get the coats buckled in. Then when you take the kids out you have to buckle the coats back up and it was too much. It’s easier to bring a coat with you and put it on when they get out.


Very well made, and warm coat. My grandson fits it perfectly! My daughter loves how easy it is to put on and take off. She also is so happy that she can take her child outside in the cold with a coat that stays on. It’s nice that it can be opened up and not be taken off in the vehicle. I didn’t realize that a puffy coat is unsafe in a vehicle for a child because it prevents the seatbelt from working properly. Love that my grandson is kept warm outside in the cold and my daughter doesn’t have to worry.