For Parents: Which Car Seat Should I Buy?

For Parents: Which Car Seat Should I Buy?

For Parents: Which Car Seat Should I Buy?

For Parents: Which Car Seat Should I Buy? 

As a single momma to four beautiful growing children I’ve had to familiarize myself with car seat safety terminology over the years. What’s an infant seat? What’s a booster seat? What’s the difference between an infant seat and a booster seat? I wanted to know the answer to all of these questions. 

This was especially true when I started my company, Buckle Me Baby Coats (which I’ll tell you about a little later.)

There are so many different car seats on the market today and each one of them protects your little love in a different way. In this article we’ve outlined each of the different types of car seats and what they actually do. 

As a parent you might wonder ‘which car seat should I buy?’ With this guide you’ll know which car seat will meet your child’s needs best. 

Car Seats 

Seats for premature & tiny babies 

Premature babies are the tiniest little sweethearts when they’re born and therefore they need special care when it comes to car seat safety. A lot of the time tiny babies won’t be safe in an infant car seat especially when they’re under five lbs or they have other health conditions that prevent them from sitting upright or being harnessed across the front. Instead, there are special car beds made for children that are five lbs and less. If your doctor suggests this type of bed you might need or want it to be fully customized so it’s padded in all of the places that your child needs. Before you leave the hospital your preemie will go through a car seat test to make sure they’re either ready for a car seat or that a special car bed needs to be ordered or rented.

3-in-1 Car Seat

These car seats do exactly what the name says they’re going to do - these are three car seats in one. This is the most bang for your buck because your little love will fit in this seat as a rear-facing, forward-facing and booster. Be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s manual to find out when is the best time to switch to each phase. 

Rear-facing infant seat

For most babies these seats are going to be the first type of car seat you buy. These seats are convenient because they’re portable. You can take them off their base and go about your day. They can also get attached to a stroller. Your child should stay rear-facing for as long as possible until at least age two - that's what all the car safety experts say. 

Convertible seat 

This seat goes from rear-facing when your child is just a little sweetie to forward-facing when your little sweetie becomes a bigger sweetie. The added bonus of this seat is that if you buy it you won’t have to buy another car seat until your child transitions up to a booster seat. 

Forward-facing only 

Like the name says, this one is forward-facing-only and it has a 5-point harness and top tether.


This type of seat is forward-facing with a 5-point harness and top tether, but when your little love is ready, you can change it into a booster seat by removing the harness. This is another car seat that gives your wallet a break. 

Types of booster seats

Is your child between six and eight years old? A booster seat might be right for you. These seats are made for big kiddos that weigh between 40 lbs to 120 lbs. 

There are two different types of booster seats:

#1 High back booster

This one is best if your vehicle has a low seat back and no head rest. Children need their little heads to be supported and a high back booster does that. If your child likes to fall asleep in the car this one might be good because it provides comfort and a place for kids to rest their head while catching Zs.  

#2 Backless booster 

These booster seats don’t have a back. They’re really convenient because they’re light and so easy to move in and out of the car. If you need to do a lot of carpooling or traveling in other people’s cars this one might be a good one for you, because who wants to lug around a heavy booster all day? 

Before you transition your child to a booster seat 

Your child needs to meet weight and height limits before they’re allowed to be in a forward-facing car seat or a booster. Maturity matters too. Children have to be mature enough to be able to ride without a harness. They also have to be able to ride in the booster seat the whole time you’re traveling and they can’t attempt to free themselves from the safety belt which needs to be fitted across the shoulder and below the hips.

Safe rides for older children 

Size and age aren’t always related. Some seven year olds are taller than most twelve year olds. Even if your child is older, they might need to stay in a booster seat because of their size.

You can start using a seat belt only when your child fits in the adult seat belt correctly. There’s a test by the name of the Seat Belt Fit Test - this will give you a good indication of if your child can move onto the adult seat belt. 

Introducing the Buckle Me Baby Coat 

As promised, we’d now like to introduce you to the Buckle Me Baby Coat - a coat made for use with your child’s car seat. In fact, this coat makes car seats more comfortable and easier to use. It works by harnessing your child directly in - no tricky maneuvering required. Simply put your child’s jacket on. Harness them into their seat, and you’re good to go. It's that easy. 

Plus, these coats are a safer alternative to big, puffy winter coats - because big, puffy jackets were NEVER meant to be used in your child’s car seat. Puffy jackets make the child uncomfortable, which leads to driver distraction. We think this is the most important feature of the Buckle Me Baby Coat, and to drive that point home, we think you should know that the coat has been crash tested and was designed to be safer than traditional winter coats. That means your child is safer in a Buckle Me Baby Coat than they’d be in a regular coat. 

These coats have a chunky rib knit collar, magnetic removable hood, and thick (but not bulky) sherpa lining with a fleece back that will leave your child feeling cozy and warm no matter the weather. And they’re cute, too! The Buckle Me Baby Coat comes in a variety of adorable colors. 

Why choose Buckle Me Baby Coat?

There are so many reasons to order a Buckle Me Baby Coat for your child this winter. They’re a safer alternative to bulky winter coats. At the same time, they’re warm and cozy. They come in a variety of trendy colors and styles. The hood is removable. The coat is machine washable. Plus, we have a 30 day “Worry Free” exchange policy - so there’s never a need to worry about your purchase. But, let’s be clear, these coats are selling like hot cakes, and have been ever since they made their way into the market - get your hands on one before your size, style and color sell out!