Why Its Important To Keep Baby Warm

Why Its Important To Keep Baby Warm

Why Its Important To Keep Baby Warm

Winter can also be a tricky time when it comes to child safety.

Have you ever noticed that the kids get cold in the pool or at the beach long before you do - with their little blue lips and chattering chin?

Their little bodies can’t tolerate extreme temperatures as well or as long as we can.

While adults need to be exposed to to wind chills of -20°F for about 30 minutes to experience frost bite. Babies are more at risk to injury from the cold and lose heat faster, nearly 4 times faster than an adult. 

While roadside emergencies or crashes are frightening and frustrating, cold temperatures can add another layer of danger for young children who aren’t able to regulate their body temperature like adults can while awaiting rescue.

This is really important because when a baby gets too cold, they use energy and oxygen to generate warmth. So if their skin temperature drops just 1 degree from 97.7° F (36.5°C), baby's oxygen use can increase by 10%.

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Source: Keeping Your Baby Warm (stanfordchildrens.org)

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